Introduction So you want to upgrade your vSphere environment to vSphere 6? Good call, because vSphere 6 has a lot improvements and enhancements compared to vSphere 5. Keep in mind that vSphere 6 has some architectural changes that need to be considered during the design and deployment phase. This particular article will not address the […]

vSphere 6: Migrate vSphere Replicated VM’s

Introduction Flex Fabric in some cases can make our IT life a bit easier. The Flex Fabric switch merges the SAN switch and LAN switch all together. A number of upload ports on the switch allow you to link to your LAN or SAN. Depending on the throughput speed you need on the blades will […]

HP Flex Fabric Active-Active Configuration

Keeping the VMware tools up2date in a virtual environment can be quite time consuming. Especially in large enterprise environments. It is also a VMware best practice to keep the VMware tools, running inside the Virtual Machine, on the same version level as the servicing ESXi host (excluding 3rd-party/Independent). Various methods to update the VMware tools can […]

A Few Ways to Update VMware Tools

Offshoring – A Trip to India Nowadays companies are offshoring a lot of their operational tasks to countries that provide these services at a far better price. One of the countries that is in the offshoring market is India. A country that is famous for its curries, Bollywood movies and the Taj Mahal, which is […]

Offshoring – A Trip to India

Introduction Virtualization gives us the benefit to better utilize hardware resources. In the past applications only used a small piece of hardware resources. Applying a hypervisor on top of the hardware enabled us to run multiple applications/servers on the same piece of hardware therefore better utilizing the hardware. However there are applications demanding huge amounts […]

SR-IOV How To (Updated)

Do you need a report of all the Active Sync devices using your Exchange 2013 environment to sync e-mail? Below you’ll find an example script you can use to export the data. Feel free to use and customize the script to your need. The need of such a report could be useful to fulfill a management […]

Report Active Sync Devices Exchange 2013

“The delegates page is not available. Cannot access Outlook folder” error message when a user tries to configure a delegate by using Outlook 2010 / 2013 in an Exchange Server 2010 / 2013. After some research I found out that a corrupt Outlook rule was blocking the delegate list. A corrupt server rule was blocking […]

Outlook Delegates Page Not Available

VMware Drivers List
If you upgrade vSphere, hardware drivers are not always upgraded equally! During one use case I ran into iSCSI performance issues after upgrading to ESXi 5.5. After doing some research it appeared that ESXi 5.0 NIC drivers were still installed on the ESXi host, the 5.5 upgrade package didn’t contain newer NIC drivers. In most […]

Upgrade ESXi Drivers

VMware Logo
Before you upgrade to vSphere 5.5 some research, familiarizing and testing has to be done first. I hope you all skipped vSphere 5.1, it introduced a new Single Sign-On feature that contained bugs and clearly needed some more developing by VMware. Next came vSphere 5.5 were Single Sign-On was improved a lot. Upgrading or installing […]

Upgrade to vSphere 5.5